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  • Sunset Maki Roll

    Tk 620

    Deep fried salmon and cucumber wrapped in nori, avocado and crab, topped with sweet mango, ebikko with a drop of spicy mayo.

  • Chicken Bao

    Tk 210

    Fried chicken drizzled with teriyaki sauce and a drop of spicy mayo, served in a bao bun and topped with ebikko.

  • Tamago Mentai sushi

    Tk 220

    Thin layers of egg, grilled with cod roe mayo, topped with kizami wasabi and aonori ko.

  • Sesame Orange Tart

    TK 285

    Earthy black sesame cream and crunchy praline paired with a soft orange meringue and a punchy marmalade

  • Sushi Platter Box

    TK 4220

    Assorted rolls and Nigri of Salmon Sushi Nigri, Ebi Sushi Nigri, Sunset Maki Roll, Chicken Cheese Maki Roll, Baked Salmon Maki Roll, Dragon Maki Roll, Avocado Maki Roll and Kani Mayo Maki Roll. The combo comes in 44 pieces.

  • Assorted Nori Tacos

    TK 1090

    An assortment of 4 tacos consisting of deep fried nori in tempura batter shell with fillings of Salmon Avocado, Scallop, Kanimayo and Teriyaki beef. Deliciously supplemented and mixed with sesame mayo sauce, yuzu and onion saute sauce and topped with torched ebikko mayo sauce.

  • Japanese Cheesecake

    TK 295

    Baked soft creamy cheese served with blueberry mix and whipped cream.

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